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You have reached Literally Simple, a blog to live an intentional life moment to moment. If you want to simplify your life, cut out the excess, and gain quality you’ve stumbled upon the right place. I’m a teacher, mother, healthy living advocate, and writer, but more importantly I want to be of service to others.  This blog represents my first step in leading an intentional life. Follow along with me as I journey to my three visions – Be More, Want Less, and Gain Quality.

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The blog is organized into three basic categories. Be More represents the ability to be the best possible human you can every day. It includes service to others, utilizing your talents, personal finances, books to read, health and fitness, and creating community around idea/movements you believe in.

Want Less represents the awareness of living in a society that bombards us with things we actually don’t need or want. It’s the practice of mindfulness in every day decisions like food, time management, social media and basic consuming.

Gain Quality is the end goal. It’s the quality you gain from living intentionally with simple focus. It’s the people you give your time to, the items you purchase, experiences, financial goals you reach, balanced fitness and health, and the words or ideas your mind focuses on.

I started this blog because I was fearful of it. It was literally that simple.  My wish is for someone to stumble upon an article and gain an insight or perspective they had not seen yet and maybe even take their first step to Be More, Want Less, and Gain Quality.  Enjoy!