Reading & Writing the BEST INVESTMENT for your Child!

Does Your Child Struggle with Reading and Writing? 

Do you find yourself at the kitchen table every evening struggling to help your child with his/her classes, especially English class? Or maybe you wish you had more time to catch up and be more present with your child instead of nagging about assignments and grades? If this sounds like you, then you and your child would benefit from a personal teacher!

I will positively influence and teach your child to prioritize assignments, gain confidence and improve his/her grades and academic performance. I will save you time by communicating with teachers and creating a plan for academic growth. As a middle school English teacher myself, I know effective ways to communicate with teachers, strategies to improve literacy skills, and ways to prepare for assessments.

Because I am a Master Teacher specifically in reading instruction and I have 7 years of experience in a middle school and high school classroom, I charge 40$ per 45 minute session and 80$ for an hour and a half session. I meet students at Three Creeks Community library, Downtown Vancouver Library, or anywhere within 15 minutes of my home (Hazel Dell). 

You can let me take care of the “prioritization” and you can enjoy being the parent. 🙂 Go to my contact page and send me a  description of your student and any struggles identified. I’d love to meet your family, provide extra instructional support, and save you emotional energy.

Happy Reading!

Mrs. Halcumb

My Teacher Story:

My students usually used the term “bossy” to describe me, but I’d like to say I have high expectations. If my “bossiness” helps students realize their potential, then I’ll own the description and wear it like a badge of honor. 🙂

A year ago, after the birth of my daughter, I had to resign from my teaching position in Oregon.  I miss the classroom and still feel the desire to teach reading and writing, and thus this side-hustle was born. It’s really a means to spend more time doing what I love: teaching.

I teach individual or group reading and writing lessons to students from first grade and into college. I have 6 years experience teaching in a high- poverty middle school. That’s right, middle school! On top of my experience as a middle school teacher, which I deem the most admirable, I hold a Master of Arts in reading instruction and am a certified teacher in Washington and Oregon.

Grandma took this picture

I focus on reading and writing strategies. Strategies help develop skills needed to be successful in school and career.  For example, I teach how to summarize, comprehend, compare and contrast etc. Because I don’t teach in a classroom, I can cut out the excess and keep it simple, Literally Simple. I follow research based strategies that are explicitly taught. These strategies will help students across the curriculum, not just in an English class. I also pull from my experience as a physical education teacher and I make a game out of everything. I am not a private education company or fueled by meeting sales quotas. I simply love to teach and am pretty dang good at it!

I live in Vancouver, WA and have students in the Vancouver and Portland area. The first meet-up is free, and you get a free session if you recommend me to my next student.

Happy reading!


Mrs. Halcumb (AKA) Mrs. Hulk

Student Testimonials

I can positively say that Mrs. Halcumb was one of my most influential teachers during middle school and high school.  She stands out to me as a teacher because she makes sure that every student feels important. She truly cares about each student’s goals, and makes sure they are all given the same opportunities to be successful.  And most importantly to me, she is one of the main reasons why I am choosing to pursue a career in teaching.  She encouraged me to not only become a good student, but to love learning and education.”

Sarah, Age 13-16

Mrs. Halcumb was the best teacher I’ve ever had. Everyone at this school misses her and wishes she would come back. No one knew how to teach like her. She was my teacher from the 7th grade until the 9th grade. First she taught in P.E. then she became my English teacher. She made sure I knew what was going on and she made sure I was involved.”

Austin, Age 13-16

Parent Testimonials

“Mrs. Halcumb is an influential and passionate teacher.  She is straight forward and loves young people.  My son was a student of Mrs. Halcumb’s for two years.  He is plenty smart, but is one of those kids that really clicks for math and sciences,  is a strong reader, and yet struggled with writing.  Mrs. Halcumb offered just the right amount of scaffolding to challenge him, yet coach him to be confident in his approach.  He is now in college and doing great!  Mrs. Halcumb teaches with the perfect mix of seriousness about learning but with a fun approach.  She definitely relates well with young people yet clearly communicates high expectations.  My son and I will ever be grateful for the time he was under her tutelage.”