How to Get Your Child Extra Academic Support for Free

Many parents ask me how to get their child extra support in school for free. Here are several ideas:

  1. Ask his/her teacher – This should be the first action step whenever you want extra supports for your child. The teacher will know specifically the strengths and weaknesses of your child and what type of programs are available within the school day.
  2. Ask the principal about a peer tutoring program. Many schools offer a peer-tutoring program to support students who may be struggling. It helps older students gain hours in community service and younger students are provided with a mentor and quality academic support. If the school doesn’t offer this, ask the principal to set your child up with an older mentor. This is a great option for middle school kids.
  3. Ask the principal about community resources – Often times there are reading programs that are offered through the community. “Lunch Buddies” is a program that pulls community members into the public schools to read with children once a week over the lunch hour. Students form a relationship with a mentor and experience reading a book with an adult.
  4. Ask the principal about summer resources – Many schools in Vancouver offer summer supports and even provide lunch for students that attend. In fact, over the summer many church organizations offered reading support and day camp activities, completely free to children.
  5. Check out your local library – Fort Vancouver Regional Library offers group classes, reading support, and great high interest material. If you live in the Vancouver area, we really have a top notch library system that is available to everyone.
  6. Consider your child’s interests – If you know your child is interested in monster trucks, but not interested in writing or reading. Pick up material on the subject and read with your child. Pique their interest and you may find your child reaching for books more often than you thought.

I hope this is helpful. Please comment below with any further questions or ideas.